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July 11, 2003

As reports on the website allaccess and our message board. KRBZ(96.5 THE BUZZ) APD/MD/middayer TODD VIOLETTE exits.

Here is one of the posts that was written on our message board concerning this issue. More information will follow. If you have information please let us know. webmaster@gatewaycityradio.com

(This was announced this morning @ intercom. Todd says "I'm tired of the Bull shit that is going on and the uncertainty of the situation". Todd will take a position in Sacramento California! Not only are the employees of KRBZ getting tired of this, imagine all the listeners and advertisers (not that they had that many before) they have turned away during all of this stuff. Stunt or not, in today's world NO ONE like inconsistency. Intercom has sunk there own ship! Todd...the last original of KRBZ! Good luck Todd)