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ABC axes soap 'Port Charles'

July 7, 2003

Low ratings have taken a bite out of Port Charles, forcing ABC to cancel the daytime drama.

The series, a spinoff from General Hospital, debuted in 1997, making it still a newcomer in the slow-moving soap opera world. It was nominated for a Daytime Emmy award for best series this year with a well-received vampire story line, but didn't win.

As a 30-minute show in a genre dominated by hour-long dramas, the format "posed significant financial challenges," said Brian Frons, president of ABC daytime.

ABC will cut back to three soaps -- All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital -- for the foreseeable future, spokeswoman Sallie Schoneboom said Monday.

Port Charles is scheduled to end Oct. 3. The time slot will be given to local ABC stations to program, the network said.