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Couric, Leno Trading Places on May 12

April 26, 2003
The Associated Press

Katie Couric making jokes about the news she reports? Jay Leno forced to interview the politicians he mocks?

Those intriguing possibilities become real on May 12. The two NBC personalities have agreed to switch jobs for a day Couric will be host of the "Tonight" show and Leno will be host of "Today."

Leno, who hasn't let anyone else be a "Tonight" guest host since taking over from Johnny Carson in 1992, said it was Couric's idea.

"I think she'll do fine," he told "Access Hollywood." "People like her, she has an infectious personality and she's so cute that if she bombs, she can get away with it because she's cute. If I bomb, it's `boo hiss.'"

The hours will be culture shock for both. Leno says he usually goes to sleep in the middle of the night, about the time of the "Today" wake-up call.