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Peggy Phillip named KSHBs new News Director

May 26, 2009

If are you are member of our TWITTER group (www.twitter.com/gwcr), you heard the news first.
Peggy Phillip will take over as News Director for NBC station KSHB effective June 8th. Peggy comes from KSHBs sister station WMAR-TV (ABC) in Baltimore where she has been News Director for the past year.

Peggy is a veteran journalist and news manager with over 13 years experience as News Director. She has worked in newsrooms as Assignment Manager, Managing Editor, Producer and Special Projects Manager in Reno, Miami, Chicago and Boston. Peggy is known for her energetic style! She has a special passion for winning breaking news coverage and a track record of improving news content. She is originally from South Dakota so she is very excited to get back to the Midwest.

Peggy knows a little about communicating over the internet as she is a member of facebook and the TWITTER community. (www.twitter.com/pphillip)

She replaces former News Director Rick Iler who resigned over a personnel matter at KSHB in March.

For the latest in breaking news join our TWITTER group. (www.twitter.com/gwcr)