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dMarc Broadcasting Announces Multi-Million Dollar Progressive Radio Data Services Initiative

October 12, 2004
press release

dMarc Broadcasting, Inc. today announced a sweeping Progressive Radio Data Services Initiative to advance the deployment and utilization of analog (RDS) and digital (HD Radio) data services within the terrestrial radio broadcast industry. Through its newly acquired and integrated subsidiaries, digital solutions providers Scott Studios, Computer Concepts (Maestro), and dMarc Networks, the Company shall provide a turn-key software and service upgrade, to enable data services support, to each of its 4,600 station clients, at no cost.

These software and service modules will enable each of its station clients to seamlessly support and manage the dynamic and automated scheduling, delivery, and reporting of data services, through both analog RDS and digital HD Radio (PAD) protocols, including dynamic text broadcasting (dynamic PS), song and artist identification, traffic, weather alerts and more.

"The revenue and service opportunities made available through broadcast data services are significant," said Chad Steelberg, chief executive officer of dMarc Broadcasting. "Through this multi-million dollar initiative, we are committed to leading the industry in this important data services advancement, which is imperative to radio’s continued growth as a communication, entertainment and advertising vehicle.”

This announcement includes the renewed license and integrated technology of iBiquity Digital Corporation’s data services technology for HD Radio broadcasting. With the addition of iBiquity Digital technology to dMarc Broadcasting’ automation and digital systems, stations using these integrated solutions will be able to easily integrate data services into their HD Radio broadcasts, as well as to existing analog signals.

“dMarc’s Progressive Radio Data Services Initiative is a significant commitment to HD Radio data services and highlights the critical role that digital automation and studio systems will play in the success of HD Radio,” said Robert Struble, chief executive officer, iBiquity Digital Corporation. “dMarc’s initiative will allow broadcasters to immediately integrate text-based data services into their analog (RDS) and HD Radio programming and will lay the foundation for the introduction of next-generation HD Radio digital applications that fully leverage the potential of rich media in radio broadcasting.”

In its first move, the company will provide a free software license and service account to its dRDS (dynamic Radio Data Service) solution, supporting remote, web-based RDS and HD Radio (PAD) data services management and broadcast capabilities, to each of its Scott Studios, Computer Concepts (Maestro), and DCS automation and digital customers.

dMarc Broadcasting will immediately launch an aggressive marketing and communication initiative, detailing the Progressive Radio Data Services Initiative to each of its 4,600 station clients, and provide a web-based mechanism to register for the program and request a dRDS (data services) account.

Stations and broadcast groups, regardless of their digital automation and system configurations, are invited to register for the Progressive Radio Data Services Initiative by accessing http://www.dmarc.net/data/index.htm. A dMarc Broadcasting representative will follow up accordingly.

FYI: Infinity Broadcating of KC, Cumulus Broadcasting of KC, Bott Radio, KCWJ, and KLJC are all existing customers of dMarc Broadcasting (Maestro and SS32 Automation Systems) and eligible for the free service.

About dMarc Broadcasting, Inc.
dMarc Broadcasting, Inc. is a newly formed media and technology firm, providing studio automation, digital system, data services, and media solutions for the radio broadcast industry. The Company has acquired market-leading digital system vendors, Scott Studios and Computer Concepts, and the broadcast assets of dMarc Networks, the leader in broadcast data services. The integrated company will boast the largest installed customer base for studio automation and digital systems, totaling more than 4,600 radio stations, with over 1,800 stations in Arbitron-rated US markets. .