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UNION BROADCASTING gets nailed with a $16,000 fine

September 23, 2004

UNION BROADCASTING gets nailed with a $16,000 fine for public file and power-down violations at Talk KCTE-A and Sports WHB-A/Kansas City. The violations involve KCTE, a daytimer, running a carrier at night.

In another FCC action, the Commission fined GLOBAL RADIO $10,800 for running radio operations at the SUPER BOWL in 2003 on three frequencies not authorized by the FCC. GLOBAL got licenses for the "experimental" temporary stations on 93.7 and 96.9 FM but had been denied four other channels, which it used anyway under the contention that they were allowed as Part 15 operations; the Commission ruled that the operations exceeded Part 15 standards (GLOBAL admitted using four unauthorized frequencies, but the fine is for three).