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Hollywood Squares will not be back

January 22, 2004

According to Steve Beverly's website www.tvgameshows.net King World announced yesterday at the Television Critics Tour, that Hollywood Squares would not be back for another season this fall. Citing low ratings and a mass cancellation by CBS O&O's to drop the show in favor of "The Insider" a magazine series from Paramount TV, King World said that the show would be in production through the spring sweeps but will be gone by the fall.

This leaves only Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy from King World and Family Feud from Pearson as the only first run game shows currently on the syndicated market. Now with this albeit not suprising announcement from King World, and the re-branding of Game Show Network to include more reality based game shows(ie: the Anderson Cooper Mole) are we seeing the end of game shows as we grew up with?