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Sportcasters Fight at Rams Game

November 12, 2003

A fight between two ST. LOUIS sportscasters last THURSDAY at the RAMS training facility sent one to the hospital. KTRS-A and FOX SPORTS NET sportscaster JOHN HADLEY was confronted by freelancer BRIAN MCKENNA, there to file a report for ABC affiliate KDNL-TV, who was upset that HADLEY had written disparaging remarks about him on the Net.

HADLEY's web site included comments that MCKENNA "has failed at every station" and "spends too much time working one-liners instead of working the storylines and numbers." HADLEY told the ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH that MCKENNA asked him to step outside, yelled at him, and threatened him with the words: "I'm a trained killer. I'll come to your house. I'll kill you. I'm a martial arts specialist."

MCKENNA told the paper that HADLEY "has a big mouth" and "if JOHN has a problem with me, he needs to talk to me about it personally." The two had once worked together on RAMS radio broadcasts. HADLEY says punches were thrown and he went to the hospital twice complaining of neck and wrist pain and vision problems; MCKENNA says no punches were thrown.