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KCTV's High Definition Signal On The Air

November 8, 2003

KCTV5, Meredith Broadcasting’s CBS affiliate is now providing their programs to viewers with over-the-air digital and high-definition signals.

The station is now passing though CBS high-definition (HD) programming, including sports and special events via over-the-air digital channel 24 and via Time Warner digital cable channel 1451. Viewers should call their cable provider to verify if KCTV-HD is available on their systems.

Selected Kansas City Chiefs football and other AFC football games will be available in HD. Check KCTV5.com weekly to find out more about weekly HD broadcasts

The station will up convert their analog signal to the 1080i format when not passing through the CBS digital signal. The 1080i format is essentially double the number of scan lines available with an analog signal, thus producing a super-sharp image with CD quality sound.

“We’re excited to bring high-definition TV to our Kansas City viewers,” said Kirk Black, KCTV5 Vice President and General Manager. “”The picture quality and sound is fantastic, and now our viewers can watch the undefeated Chiefs in HD!”