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Talk-show host coming back to KC

August 27, 2003

Shock jock alert...

The information was leaked out first on our message board on Gateway City Radio a few weeks back and it's now confirmed that outspoken talk-show host Russ Johnson -- fired four years back by Entercom for an inadvertent joke about the Columbine tragedy -- is coming back. Johnson, now at Denver superstation KOA, will be host of Entercom's weekday afternoon drive slot on KMBZ 980 AM.

"I'm totally thrilled," Johnson says. "I'm psyched. I've always felt like I had unfinished business in Kansas City, and the timing is perfect."

What to expect?

"You know, I'm going to do what I do," Johnson says. "Give my honest opinion on the news and analysis, and then hash it out on the air. Basically I don't care what people say about my show as long as they say it to a lot of people."

"Some of my takes may be shocking, but I'm not afraid to defy conventional wisdom," Johnson notes. "It's just going to be real -- it's going to be me -- and I think whether people agree or disagree with me, they'll appreciate my honesty."