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Rumor has it that major changes could be on the way for KC Radio?

July 21, 2003

You will not read this anywhere else!!!! Hints were dropped on our message board last week and we have been getting more information that Kansas City is in for some big radio changes. Rumor has it that the Syncom properties in could very soon be under the control of Union Broadcasting via LMA, who would promptly switch the format of 107.3 (KMJK) to Country, and move Randy Miller over from KZPL for mornings, and apparently several 61 Country staffers have been approached by Union, and have tentatively agreed to come aboard on the new country station which is rumored to be kicking off before Entercom makes the switch on 106.5. Looks like Union is trying to play some real hardball with Entercom, who recently lured several key staffers over from sports WHB (810). No word if this would mean any changes for 95.7, but FM talk could be a possibility with the staffers from 1510. A lot more information to follow very soon! Remember if you have some hot news about this topic or anything else in broadcasting please email us at webmaster@gatewaycityradio.com. Your identity will NEVER be given out!