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Infinity Country Station KFKF makes more changes

November 12, 2004

INFINITY Country KFKF Promo. Dir. /Mktg. Dir JEFF DAVIS is relinquishing the Promo. Dir. duties to concentrate on his new gig as Mktg. Dir. for the cluster. His day-to-day duties will only involve Top 40 KMXV and AC KSRC. He will also handle any events that involve all four stations working together.

KFKF PD DALE CARTER reports that afternoon driver DAN HOLIDAY will step up and take on Mktg. Dir. duties for his station in addition to his air shift. CARTER is still on the lookout for a station Promo. Dir. If you are interested send T&Rs to him at 4717 Grand Ave., Suite 600, KANSAS CITY, MO 64112.